Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Can you guess what these are??


  1. No I can't guess.... thinking hard though ;-)

  2. Sauna huts? Ice-fishing shacks?

  3. *laughing*

    Cute little ice fishing huts!

    How adorable are they?! :-)

    I want one. With a very good heater--in case I need a place to send himself to when he's naughty. *laughing*
    JUST sayin'.......

  4. I have decided that they are a group of Daleks on an overseas tour ;-)
    Looking forward to hearing if I am correct ;-)

  5. Maybe for little horses?
    There is a sign saying WARNING? A dangerous animal? Since they can open above the doors, it might be for some animal to be able to get some air and look out or be fed - or for some birds to fly out and back home again. For a "dove colony"? No, you'll really have to tell. Let's hear!!!

  6. LOL thanks for guessing..and sorry for the late response.
    These were originally used for the "Same" people in norther Sweden when they were out minding their reindeers. Since it's very very cold up in the north, they had to warm up somehow, so they used these little huts. Yes there's an opening at the top, because they used to have a fire in the middle. Now though.. they are used as changing rooms!! You step inside, sit down, take your shoes off and put your ice skates on and it's time to skate!!
    =) That was tricky huh?

  7. Ah, that's so interesting. Now we know ;-)