Monday, 21 February 2011

Merry-Go-Round: Camel, Rabbit, Pony

Cloverdale's annual Citrus Fair 2011


  1. I hate fair ground rided except the carousel,which I love, and I want to ride on that rabbit and whisper to go faster in his wonderful ears. A lovely reminder of childhood, thanks.

  2. I photographed the rides during the day and night (lovely then) as objects. If I even THINK of anything but the merry-go-round, I get sick! The camel stands still, but the rabbit goes up and down! ;-)

  3. OH!! I like the camel guy!!!!! I can go up and down and round and round. I do NOT go upsidedown. OMG......LOL No one would want me to more than once, lemme assure you!

    Very cool carousel.