Monday, 31 January 2011

mountain sun rising


  1. Love this photos with the mist lying low in the mountains as well. Diane

  2. Oh, you have such awesome scenery--such powerful captures. I have to biggify them to get the full glory and they just leave me in awe.

    What a awesome moment you caught on the camera.

  3. Beautifully framed, beautifully captured!

  4. Thank you Diane; yes the mountain mist that gets caught in the mornings before it rises off is so awesome!

    Mel~~ You got it right! If you click and then click you can feel like you are there.
    :) So very glad that you enjoyed it Mel! :)

    Thank you Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears; the trees and a vine did frame this particular shot quite well! It's a hole in the plant life from which I can view the sun rise. This was taken at about 3900 feet :)