Thursday, 23 December 2010

An Apology

I have by accident removed a post by Trousers. I was supposed to be getting rid of a comment and deleted it all! My only excuse is I'm not well!
Hopefully Trousers will put the post back up and anybody who commented will know that he did read the comments


  1. Coming right up. Yes I saw all the comments, and appreciate them very much: thank you!

    Can I take this opportunity to say that I love so many of the photos posted up here: I rarely post my own comments these days, but I do like looking at all the fantastic images that are posted up.

  2. *snickering* Shoulda emailed Paula straight away so she coulda beat him to the punch!

    *laughing* Happens to the best of us on a good day, ma'am. Sucks that it's a 'not so well' day for you--feel better soon, eh?