Saturday, 27 November 2010

Potato Vine - Solanum jasminoides

Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection


  1. Lindy is that really a vine? Does it have potatoes? Whatever, it is very pretty. Diane

  2. This is lovely Lindy.
    I have it seen growing over a wedding arch. Very poisonous of course, like most of the Solanaceae.
    Does yours grow easily? Mine disappeared, probably because I liked it so much :-)

  3. Wow--I like the little yellow tubey things. *laughing* I know nothing about plants (other than I kill them on a regular basis!)--but gosh, it's cute!

  4. Diane, that is just its common name, it does not produce anything edible, loads of info if you google it.
    Jo - No it actually is not growing as well as I had hoped.
    Mel - It is amazing how interesting simple things become when you look closely.

  5. You've got the delicacy and fragility in an almost iridescent way. A lovely view of a fairly common plant I won't take for granted again1