Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pink diamonds


  1. This, my first contribution to this venerable photo group, was taken 23/11/2001, at 13:53:32 precisely.1,14 MB, Nikon Coolpix 990. Those were the days....
    The only reason I swapped this for the Nikon D300 last month was the interminable waiting time between shots: it needed a slow count to 30 seconds between shots. After ten years I thought I was ready for something a little swifter.
    This picture is very important to me: it was the first flower on a Saintpaulia I had hybridized myself. Those who want to see later pictures of this glorious plant, can drop me a comment on my blog.

  2. Wow--what a grand start of it! Welcome to BW. And what a beautiful soft and shimmery.

    Congratulations on a successful project with this beauty. And on the new camera.
    30 seconds is a longgggg time--maybe that'd cut back the number of photos *I* take. *laughing* k....that's very doubtful. ;-)

    Welcome to the weblog, ma'am!

  3. Jo, welcome to the club! Wonderful flower

  4. Welcome to BW-lovely people here. :))

    You caught the texture perfectly there and the light is great. Beautiful shot.

  5. Hi Joco, a beautiful pic and I'm impressed that the flower is your own creation!

    The petals look like prawn crackers.. or is that just me? ;-)

  6. Welcome to BW with your beautiful début.

  7. Prawn crackers . grin.

    Thank you all for the generous welcome: I'm touched.