Monday, 22 November 2010

Misty Morning


  1. LOTS of trouble for going on the tracks, missy! (I can hear himself scolding me....and you! LOL) Oh, but what a brilliant shot of the bridge in the mist! Darn well worth the scolding (unless two of those suckers had showed up at once.....O M G ! !)

    Which railroad uses those tracks? I wanna know which locomotives you're dodging. LOL

  2. It's the main west coast north-south line, Mel. I stop, look, and listen.
    An Amtrak came through moments after. Massive power, that I truly respect.

  3. OH lordie! *laughing* I know that one well!

    And had I clicked to biggify the photo, I'da seen the BNSF sign along side the bridge.

    Lots of Burlington Northern Santa Fe around this neck of the woods as well--they have some gorgeous locomotives!

    Stop/look/listen and don't be greedy for that shot of a train heading towards you! ;-)