Thursday, 21 October 2010

Gold Ring


  1. Girls' best friends, that gold shiny stuff.

    I tried a few photos with gold jewelry and I couldn't get it crisp, clear and shiny like yours.
    Geeze--youse guys are GOOD!

  2. Mel I have the cheapest digital camera possible that works well on auto. I am not clever enough to work a fancy camera and I can't afford it either:-( Diane

  3. Oh, Diane--lemme tell ya, I have no clue what the buttons do on the camera I have.
    It's nothing spectacular and lacks all those fancy settings himself has on his Nikon--I'm a "OH look.....pretty" *click* kinda gal! LOL

    It takes a bazillion photos to end up with one I actually like. LOL Dang good thing it's a digital--I could never afford to actually develop the mass amount of photos if it weren't! HOLY moly....can ya imagine!!